The Magic of Nectar Becoming Honey

A fast warm up with not just warm but down right hot days this spring allowed plants to bloom early, providing pollen and nectar to pollinators searching for much needed food.  The past few weeks were more indicative of spring with lots of rain and cooler weather, although the whole package is typical Maryland weather- unpredictable.  … Continue reading The Magic of Nectar Becoming Honey

Waiting on Honey

As the nectar flow draws to a close, the girls diligently forage for the last of their key nectar and pollen sources, storing away the goodness to be turned into honey.  Few tulip poplar and black locust blooms remain, and those that do, are vulnerable to wind and rain. Now that the danger of frost… Continue reading Waiting on Honey

Fall Bees

The honey has been harvested, the flowers and garden spent, and leaves are vibrantly pitching their last hoorah before cascading to the ground.  Signals of seasonal shifts abound.  So what are the bees doing? Most bee species die off in winter, leaving a queen behind, frequently overwintering in the ground, surviving off of fat stores, awaiting warmer spring… Continue reading Fall Bees

Bee Love & Native Plants

Valentine’s Day in our house included some bee inspired chocolates that I made this year.  In Maryland, February is a dicey time for beekeepers and is referred to as Starvation Month.  Bees that made it through the harshest part of our winter, frequently don’t make it through February due to starvation.  Consider that the bees’ stores… Continue reading Bee Love & Native Plants