The Magic of Nectar Becoming Honey

A fast warm up with not just warm but down right hot days this spring allowed plants to bloom early, providing pollen and nectar to pollinators searching for much needed food.  The past few weeks were more indicative of spring with lots of rain and cooler weather, although the whole package is typical Maryland weather- unpredictable.  … Continue reading The Magic of Nectar Becoming Honey

Waiting on Honey

As the nectar flow draws to a close, the girls diligently forage for the last of their key nectar and pollen sources, storing away the goodness to be turned into honey.  Few tulip poplar and black locust blooms remain, and those that do, are vulnerable to wind and rain. Now that the danger of frost… Continue reading Waiting on Honey

Making Honey

The nectar flow is here in Maryland!  These exciting words represent a lot of hope and excitement, not to mention work, for honey bees and beekeepers alike.   My large hive has three supers in place as the girls arduously work important nectar sources during this brief, but important time period.  Those now heavy top boxes contain the curing honey that I hope… Continue reading Making Honey

New Beginnings and New Bees

There are two basic ways of getting honey bees:  a nucleus colony or a package of bees.  When I first started beekeeping, I ordered nucs, short for nucleus colonies, because it was like a small starter hive containing five frames of worked comb, a laying queen acclimated to the honey bees accompanying her and of course,… Continue reading New Beginnings and New Bees

March Nor’Easter?!

Just last week, warm spring weather coaxed us outside in short sleeves and high spirits for several days, hinting at what’s to come.  Honey bees were flying, busily collecting water, pollen and early nectar.  My queen was laying lots of eggs in anticipation of the spring nectar flow and I even spotted two drones wandering inside… Continue reading March Nor’Easter?!

For the Love…of Chickens, Honey Bees and Gardening

While the wind gusts outside and temperatures are still keeping us bundled up, we have turned a corner in mid February; spring is imminent once again.  At the Winter Solstice, honey bees began anew, those surviving the winter thus far coaxing their queen to begin laying eggs in preparation of the anticipated spring nectar flow.  While seemingly far away… Continue reading For the Love…of Chickens, Honey Bees and Gardening

Close Encounters (with Chickens, Hawks and Honey Bees)

Another 58 degree day in late January here on the East Coast was a welcome reprieve that saw honey bees flying and chickens clamoring to get out after being cooped up from days of rain.  When the rain stopped, I let the girls out a bit, their run being so muddy from all of the rain… Continue reading Close Encounters (with Chickens, Hawks and Honey Bees)