March Nor’Easter?!

Just last week, warm spring weather coaxed us outside in short sleeves and high spirits for several days, hinting at what’s to come.  Honey bees were flying, busily collecting water, pollen and early nectar.  My queen was laying lots of eggs in anticipation of the spring nectar flow and I even spotted two drones wandering inside… Continue reading March Nor’Easter?!

Snow Birds

The first accumulating snow in our area arrived yesterday morning.  As the sun crept up, the brightness of the snow in the early morning’s light must have intrigued the chickens as they waited to be let out of the coop.  I was anxious to see their reaction to their first real snow interaction. The forecast called… Continue reading Snow Birds

Season’s Greetings

…the stocking is hung by the chicken coop with care… As Advent draws close to Christmas and the cold days keep us tucked inside the warmth of our homes with those we love, I am relishing my Christmas tree and the many ornaments tucked within the twinkling lights that represent my hobbies.  In the spirit of… Continue reading Season’s Greetings

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Winter has arrived in Maryland and we are all transitioning now to cold days and colder nights.  The chickens are handling it well, likely better than the humans I hear complaining about the cold only a few days into the true start of the season. Temperatures didn’t climb above freezing most of the week.  The… Continue reading Baby, it’s cold outside!

Coop modifications (again, sigh)

It was this time last year that we began considering how to build the long anticipated coop.  While I had clippings and pins galore, actually deciding on specifics while maintaining some semblance of a budget, proved more difficult for me than I envisioned.  I’ve come to realize that I’m quite visual and plans on paper… Continue reading Coop modifications (again, sigh)