Fall Food for Pollinators

Labor Day is considered the unofficial end to summer. Yet here we are seemingly melting in heat and humidity! Fortunately, cooler days are on the horizon for us and nature. My bees have spent a lot of these hot days bearding, driven from their abodes by mite treatments and hot, humid conditions. When they are… Continue reading Fall Food for Pollinators

Milkweed: It’s Not Just for Monarchs

Many beekeepers are fond of watching the miracles of monarch development unfold alongside our honey bee colonies. Often recognized as a field weed of sorts, milkweed is a valuable food source to many pollinators. It is slow to emerge in spring, but once established, this native readily returns and multiplies. In our area, milkweed blooms… Continue reading Milkweed: It’s Not Just for Monarchs

Hello, Summer!

While June’s arrival signals the start of summer and all the delightful offerings we dream of in cold, dreary February, it also signals the dreaded end of the nectar flow here in Maryland. It’s been an interesting flow, one with heavy, prolonged rains, but also one with nectar stores now needing to be cured. Our… Continue reading Hello, Summer!

April Showers Bring May Flowers

And the nectar flow!  The Maryland nectar flow relies upon tulip poplar, black locust and blackberry, all beginning to bloom as my scaled hive proves with steady increases of five to seven pounds each day last week.  As we revel in warm weather, watching our busy girls returning to the hives with full bellies of nectar… Continue reading April Showers Bring May Flowers