When Things Go Wrong: Chicken Infirmary, Part 2

As I shared in When Things Go Wrong: Chicken Infirmary, Part 1, things can go wrong with your chickens with little warning.  Having emergency supplies like gloves, antiseptic and temporary housing at the ready can make a big difference in aiding your chickens.  But sometimes, it’s not enough. Friday morning, I let the girls out… Continue reading When Things Go Wrong: Chicken Infirmary, Part 2

When Things Go Wrong: Chicken Infirmary, Part 1

In my research before getting my chickies, I recall reading about the importance of having emergency supplies on hand in the event that something goes wrong, because when dealing with animals, things happen.   I assembled a sundry of supplies to keep in my storage shed for just such emergencies, hoping that by keeping them… Continue reading When Things Go Wrong: Chicken Infirmary, Part 1


Patience.  It’s a virtue.  It’s just not one of my better traits. I planted three bare root, thornless blackberry bushes on the outside of my garden years ago.  Not much happened the first two years.  They grew, produced a lot of leaves and some berries, but nothing to write home about.  Somewhere along years three… Continue reading Blackberrypalooza

Making Honey

The nectar flow is here in Maryland!  These exciting words represent a lot of hope and excitement, not to mention work, for honey bees and beekeepers alike.   My large hive has three supers in place as the girls arduously work important nectar sources during this brief, but important time period.  Those now heavy top boxes contain the curing honey that I hope… Continue reading Making Honey

Look Who’s 1!

Our hens are one year old this month!  After years of dreaming about backyard chickens, nervously placing an order for day old chicks before a shovel was even sunk into the ground, then anxiously awaiting their arrival, my chicks have now gone from peeping fluff balls to clucking hens, proudly announcing eggs laid and squawking and chattering… Continue reading Look Who’s 1!