Patience.  It’s a virtue.  It’s just not one of my better traits. I planted three bare root, thornless blackberry bushes on the outside of my garden years ago.  Not much happened the first two years.  They grew, produced a lot of leaves and some berries, but nothing to write home about.  Somewhere along years three… Continue reading Blackberrypalooza

Honey Harvest 2017

Great things often come from small beginnings.  Such was the case with my honey harvest this year.  This honey harvest is one for the books.  You’ll recall the winter loss of my amazing blue queen who produced gentle, diligent bees that provided a wonderful honey harvest last year.  It was a sad affair for me,… Continue reading Honey Harvest 2017

Water Sources for Bees

Summer in Maryland means stickiness.  This is not the same glorious stickiness we negotiate when we’re harvesting honey.  It’s much less desirable as the heat and humidity make us want another shower five minutes after getting out of one.  If it’s that hot for us, imagine how honey bees feel! All animals need hydration.  In… Continue reading Water Sources for Bees