Close Encounters (with Chickens, Hawks and Honey Bees)

Another 58 degree day in late January here on the East Coast was a welcome reprieve that saw honey bees flying and chickens clamoring to get out after being cooped up from days of rain.  When the rain stopped, I let the girls out a bit, their run being so muddy from all of the rain… Continue reading Close Encounters (with Chickens, Hawks and Honey Bees)

Homemade Yogurt

One of the things I love to make at home is yogurt.  When my good friend who makes the most wonderful foods from scratch first told me that she did this, I was impressed with such an effort but immediately ruled it out for myself because I assumed it was too much work.  Even when… Continue reading Homemade Yogurt

When Bees Die…

The weak colony that once represented all that is good of honey bees has died.  I was concerned about this hive in the fall and had to make some choices as to how to support them going into winter, settling on letting nature decide given the parasitic mite load this colony was under and the ample food… Continue reading When Bees Die…

Snow Birds

The first accumulating snow in our area arrived yesterday morning.  As the sun crept up, the brightness of the snow in the early morning’s light must have intrigued the chickens as they waited to be let out of the coop.  I was anxious to see their reaction to their first real snow interaction. The forecast called… Continue reading Snow Birds