Bawk! And Boo to You too!

As the last of the leaves fall, blanketing the grass and the temperatures dabble between cold and warm before surrendering to nights with consistent frosts and days requiring jackets, the chicks are settling into a routine of egg laying in the mornings, exploring their run during the day and snuggling up together at night to ward… Continue reading Bawk! And Boo to You too!

Fall Bees

The honey has been harvested, the flowers and garden spent, and leaves are vibrantly pitching their last hoorah before cascading to the ground.  Signals of seasonal shifts abound.  So what are the bees doing? Most bee species die off in winter, leaving a queen behind, frequently overwintering in the ground, surviving off of fat stores, awaiting warmer spring… Continue reading Fall Bees

Fall transitioning, expanded run and eggs!

The “chicks” are just over six months old now, laying eggs regularly and yes, quite spoiled.  We collect  five or six eggs a day right now and no one has yet tired of having a turn to collect eggs.  Having the egg box doors has been helpful as the girls see an open door to the coop… Continue reading Fall transitioning, expanded run and eggs!