Free Range Chick(en)s

Now that the girls are settled into their new home, I decided it was time to let them explore the backyard, always expanding their world slowly.  There’s been a fair amount of interest in the world outside of their run, Sophia even making a dash for it when the kids changed their water at one… Continue reading Free Range Chick(en)s

Moving Day

Just over a week ago, we had a soft opening of the coop.  I had envisioned the pomp and circumstance of a grand opening, befitting the chicken chalet my husband built, however the rush of hot weather dictated a different course of events and in retrospect, this worked out much better from an acclimation standpoint for both the chicks… Continue reading Moving Day

Teen Love

The girls are seven weeks old now and are beginning to transition to the coop.  While I’d hoped to have them permanently outside by now, our schedules and the weather have interfered with the best of plans, delaying our timeline.  We’re moving forward and close to moving day. The weather warmed substantially recently, jumping from… Continue reading Teen Love