On Becoming a Beekeeper

I am always pleasantly surprised when people tell me they are thinking of becoming a beekeeper.  First of all, it makes me feel a little less nerdy.  Secondly, and more importantly, the more people interested in bees, the better off all of us will be since that should translate into some level of enhanced environmental awareness.  … Continue reading On Becoming a Beekeeper

Garden Planning…Take One: Lettuce

Chicks are not all I’m dreaming about right now.  With snow covering my garden, I began thinking ahead to my spring planting and what I want the garden to look like this year.  Every year I tell myself that I’m cutting back and every year, before I know it the spring bug bites me and… Continue reading Garden Planning…Take One: Lettuce

Bee Love & Native Plants

Valentine’s Day in our house included some bee inspired chocolates that I made this year.  In Maryland, February is a dicey time for beekeepers and is referred to as Starvation Month.  Bees that made it through the harshest part of our winter, frequently don’t make it through February due to starvation.  Consider that the bees’ stores… Continue reading Bee Love & Native Plants